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Who's the Bald Guy?

That's me (Sean) in Buenos Aires, Argentina several years ago telling a personal story to a few dozen people at a local cafe. In fact, for 25+ years, I have been been  presenting in classrooms and speaking on stages (as well as a few international cafes!)

I am the founder of Grit: True Stories that Matter, which helps honest people craft and tell personal stories - that matter (and also founder of the Suicide Noted podcast). You can learn more below.

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They Say...

Marya Morris

Story Jam producer, Chicago

Sean is a killer storyteller and an astute, supportive instructor.

Andrew Shelffo

Stories from the Stage coach, Boston

Sean cares more about personal story than anyone I’ve ever met.

Carolyn Erickson

Teacher & Storyteller, Mexico

I appreciate everything Sean does to help people tell (and hear) important stories.

Kory May

Professional Speaker, Iowa City

When you work with Sean it's a safe place, no matter how difficult the content.