True Stories That Matter

Supporting bold people from around the world who want find the right words for the hard stuff they've gone through - and share them with those that most need to hear them.

Private Stories

Designed to support people in finally having the conversations they aren’t having so they can explore them deeply, talk about them honestly and ultimately share them privately with the people in their lives that need to hear them most, wherever they enjoy listening to audio.Listen below to learn more.
You can also listen on a private podcast or a micro Web site.

Public Stories

Helping honest people craft and tell compelling, relatable and powerful personal stories from their core experiences so audiences of all kinds put their phones down, pay attention and walk away changed.You can listen to our podcast below, or learn more about any upcoming classes we are offering.Please reach out if you are interested in one-on-one coaching.

Raw Discussions

The Suicide Noted podcast aims to help more people in more places feel a little less shitty and a little less alone through raw and honest conversations with suicide attempt survivors. You can listen below as well as learn more about our membership program.

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