The Modern Man's Communication CRISIS


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ATTENTION: ??????? Middle-Aged Men 

Talk About The Hard Stuff So You (and others) Feel Less Shitty, Less Alone and More Understood

(Without Overwhelm, Shame, Judgement or Pity)

Did You Know...


The Problem

My name is Sean. I am a middle-aged man (a New Yorker now living win Chapel Hill, NC) who has spent the bulk of my adult life teaching - and struggling.

The reality is, many of you may be like me: high-risk. You may not like that term, but what we call it doesn't change the truth (and I am not just referring to suicide or suicidal ideation).

Middle-aged men (40 to 60 years old) die by suicide more than any group in North America. This number is not going down.

  • Physical health issues
  • Mental health stuff
  • Relationship challenges
  • Frustrations over money
  • Fears around family and friends

You get it. You obviously know a whole lot more about your stuff than I do, as well as the possible causes and consequences.

But I want to share something else. And I will not candy coat or bullshit or patronize you. You have earned and you deserve a whole lot more than that. 

There is another problem - one problem - that I believe is the cause of a whole lot of pain and suffering and sometimes death. And it is something we don't talk much about. 

It is also something we can actually do something about, something we have some control over. 

This is a bold claim, so let me explain this problem.

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This is what some of us believe, and it makes sense. The problem is that this often just leads to more problems.

1. JB's story (cop, family, repuutation etc. 

2. too dark, too soft, too this that

3. Suffer in Silence

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This is what some of us are told, and it also makes sense. The problem is that this is often a really bad idea.

1. Outsourcing empathy (Im not a shrink)

2. Mike-- shame

3. military story (why isnt it enoigh) - fayetvillle


just change the narratvie!!

they lied to you

If or when we do try to make some sense out of things and maybe even share it with others, we often don't feel any better, and sometimes we feel worse.his

risk of talking ###

cancllled, woke

you have MANY stories

other ways to talk kabou tit

- the things isnt the story

if you want to hekp others, its not enough

Dicks v. soft support groups ---

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This is where many of us find ourselves, and it's a pretty dangerous space.

1. Suiucide #s

2.You want/need to talk BUT.... what do you say, where do you say it? we dont learn this.

3. nowhere to go -- STAKES

Another Bold Claim

I actually think all of this is more than just a problem.

It's a crisis - call it a crisis of communication or connection or compassion.

Again, it doesn't matter what we call it. It doesn't change the truth.

If you have stopped talking or you feel misunderstood, or maybe you are in the space between (or possibly on the path) or just feeling shitty or alone, I want you to know --

You can talk about it in a way that is honest (I promise you)

You can talk about it in a way that is compelling and relatable and memorable (?????)

You can talk about it in a way so that you - and others - feel less shitty and less alone and more understood (at least a little bit though maybe more).

I'm not at all suggesting you should talk about it.

I am saying if you do want to talk about it, or you're thinking about it, you can ---

And if you're anything like me, you're skeptical.

Maybe you're thinking: Who the fuck is this guy? What does he know?

Before I tell you more about who I am, let tell you about Robert, who took part in one of our (hard core) workshops.

Robert is a middle-aged, married man living in Cleveland - an alpha type.

When I asked him why he was taking one of our workshops, he said:

I'm a lawyer, a litigator. I want to move more juries and close more cases.

Now, we work with people who want to craft and tell 'true stories that matter.'

So I responded: Cool. I get why you're here. Do you have an idea of which personal story you want to work on?

He said he did - and we all got to work.

After a couple of classes, Robert tells me that his story sucks.

I appreciate his honesty.

He tells me he really likes the class and the students (and me!), but something wasn't working.

I asked him: Any idea what's not working?

He says: Yes, I do. I'm full of shit.

I say: Can you try to not be full of shit?

He laughs: Yes, I can.

Cool. Maybe there's another story you really want to tell.

He jumps in: Yes, it's about my son, a skiing trip we went on last year.

And so we explored that intensely.

He crafted it and ultimately told it at our showcase. 

After the showcase, Robert says:

This class isn't really about stories, it's about so much more.

What he didn't know is that all the work wee did was absolutely all about story.

--- ????

That's just one person - there are many more.

Honest men talking about the hard stuff (what we call the core stuff), crafting this stuff into core stories, and telling them - not only for themselves, but to help others who may be in some kind of pain.

Middle-aged men like...

  • Andrew (50s), who talks about health
  • Kory (50s), who talks about race
  • Richard (60s), who talks about weight
  • Dan (40s), who talks about sexuality
  • Bob (60s), who talks about suicide loss
  • Howard (60s), who talks about aging
  • Kurt (50s), who talks about grief
  • Scott (40s), who talk about jail and addiction
  • Dale (60s), who talks about abuse
  • Rick (40s), who talks about debt

They talk about other things, too, but these are some of their core story themes. 

Things that have profoundly affected them, changed them - the core stuff.

Other usues?


What's a theme in your life that you have a burning desire to explore, to talk about, to -----

For me, it's centered on mental health (I am also exploring themes around family, love and even travel)

In all this exploring, as well as crafting and telling my core stories, I've learned some things about myself.

One thing, in particular, is that I kind of suck at most stuff. I mean it. I really do.

  • Relationships (I am single with mostly fractured personal relationships)
  • Health (depression, anxiety and an auto-immune condition)
  • Career (up and down and  ?????????)

Maybe some of this resonates with you.

We've all got our stuff and I suppose we do the best we can.

That said, I also want you to know this -

I'm pretty damned good at a two things (so I've been told and I think they're right), 

1. Having honest conversations

2. Helping people with hard (core) stories

... which explains why I spend most of my time having these kinds of conversations (with suicide attempt survivors, among others) and helping people craft and tell some of the hardest stories of their lives, so that...

Who's the Bald Dude?

That's me, Sean, running personal narrative workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina a few years ago. Nothing fancy.

We've already met (kind of), but I wanted to share something else.


I have spent many years battling my own demons, including ongoing suicidal ideation.

honest convos, hard stories


Sean in BA

Sean in BA

I feel blessed to do this work but earlier this year I felt like if I wanted to make more of a difference, I needed to up my game, so 
that's what I'm doing.

I decided  I wanted to bring together everything I've learned (or earned) over the years...

  • After 190+ candid conversations with attempt survivors
  • After supporting or featuring 1000+ core personal stories 
  • After producing 500+ events (and exactly 99 podcast episodes)
  • After 25+ years teaching in classrooms (and on stages)
  • After working as a crisis text line counselor 
  • After finally getting really honest and talking about my own stuff 
  • And after better understanding what was currently being offered

... and I wanted to bring all of that under one umbrella to best serve people who want this kind of support, these kinds of skills and these kinds of core stories.

And I wanted to work with people like me - and maybe you - men who ---- Why?

  • I don't want you to live (or die) with untold secrets or shame
  • I want you to really understand the power of the personal narrative
  •  I want you to apply this stuff in all areas of your life
  • I want you to feel less shitty and less alone and more understood
  • And I want you to help others feel this way, too 

So I'd like to share something with you that I've put together - a new program.

Something that checks all the boxes, something that hasn't existed - until now (at least not the way we do it).

  • Learn this powerful craft without chaos or confusion or overwhelm so you can take some of these harder experiences and shape them into compelling, relatable and memorable core personal narratives. 
  • A space to learn and apply dynamic delivery and performance techniques - and to practice!
  • A space to feel a little less shitty and a little less alone and little more understood (or maybe more than a little).
  • A space to create tangible products that you can share with others in your life and others around the world (only if you want, of course).
  • A space to return to so you can keep exploring your stuff in a super supportive - and honest - space.

Another Bold Claim

This will change your life - and probably others. 

What They're Saying

Thanks again for your authenticity, passion, and just making a difference in the world. You make it a better place for everyone.

Scott Phillips, Bangkoc, Thailand

I thought this workshop would be about storytelling, but it really was so much more. It's about intense listening and exploring our lives. Thanks!

Robert Yoon, Cleveland

I’d like to thank Sean for putting this together. He did the heavy lifting and we get the benefit. I plan to take a few of my stories and create a solo performance this year!

Howard Lieberman, Minneapolis


Sean cares more about personal story than anyone I’ve ever met.  As a teacher and coach, he expertly guides people to find their best stories and deliver their best performances. He does this with no ego. His only interest is in making his students better.

Andrew Shelffo, Northhampton

By the of 2024, our goal is to work with at least 150 middle-aged men.

Beyond that, we will keep working with and supporting more people in more places.

But for right now, in 2023, we are offering this as a Beta program, which means...

-You'll get it all before anyone else (boom!)
-You will get it at a lower price (we plan to double it in 2024, for real)

There may be a few kinks (nothing major)

  • 6-week (25 hour) small group program for grown-ass, honest men to finally talk about the hard stuff. 
  • Even if you've never told a story, performed on a stage or recorded anything ever.
  • So you can feel less shitty, less alone and more understood (and help others feel this way, too)
  • In a super supportive and ???????? space
  • All without overwhelm, shame, judgement or pity  
  • All - 4 core personal stories - showcase, pitches, audio, vidieo ++  


modules?? - circular, swirl

Core Convo (The Noted Way)


  • 5 hours of one-on-one conversation
  • Ongoing conversation at meetings
  • explore, convo closers
  • 99s

Core Craft (The Grit Way)


  • Core 4 Story Mapping (dont need to be aabout your job)
  • The Attention Blueprint
  • The 7 Core Craft Components
  • buuilding, stacking, revisiting...

Core Community/Connection (The Swap Way)


  • Weekly 3-hour meeting (18 hours total)
  • Small Group (maximum six men) 
  • What's App Office Hours
  • one on one

like-minded, intense

Core Communication (The LSLA Way)

gggggg,  - helpig otjers

  • Audio Memoir
  • Showcase
  • pitching shows/podcasts (99) 
  • feedbackk model - HW v in class

Core Coaching (The No Fluff No B.S. Way)

sdjajvaebjear - twp coaches, support, from day 1 its been about that.

  • my people
  • weekly hours
  • Pre and Post

Core Audio Memoir (The 30 Minute Way) - ++++

sdjajvaebjear - twp coaches, support, from day 1 its been about that.

  • various uses
  • permenant
  • ???



Private group (currently housed in Facebook), where you can continue connecting with people who get it (or try to) so you can explore and craft and tell more core personal stories for audiences of all kinds.


On future programs and events, like our in-person retreats and masterminds, so you can stay in the loop and join us to help more people in more places feel a little less shitty and a little less alone.

Let me share one last thing, which is our core beliefs and expectations (a sort of mini manifesto), so you can gauge if we are likely to be a good fit for you - and you us.

Core Beliefs/Values

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  • Adipiscing elit sed do eiusmod tempor 
  • Incididunt ut labore et dolore magna
  • Labore suspendisse ultrices 
  • Labore suspendisse ultrices 

Core Expectations

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  • Adipiscing elit sed do eiusmod tempor 
  • Incididunt ut labore et dolore magna
  • Incididunt ut labore et dolore magna
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Right Now

  •  You don't talk about it 
  •  You don't know how to talk about it 
  •  There's nowhere to go to talk about it 
  • There's nowhere to go to hear about it
  • There's nowhere to go to hear about it
  • There's nowhere to go to hear about it

Right After

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  • Bibendum ispum dolor elitis
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If you're anything like me, you want to take some time and consider your options. 

Maybe you're 

  • Not sold on the idea of personal narrative story - take this
  • Now sure you can actually do this - take this
  • Concerned about time - (10 hours/week)
  • Concerned about money - guarantee ++
  • Wanting to ry another thing like singing or poetry or spoken word - get back to us
  • Feeling good where you're at - not a good fit

Or maybe you want to see what else is out there.

PLease make sure you'ree really game

my biz coach told me...

- buckets

- scarcity/urgency

- agitate pai

Final lBold claim - notjing like this

now what


money back


14-day guarantee

100% Grit Guarantee

If you attend all of our group and one-on-one meetings and you don't like the 30-Minute Audio Memoir Beta program (or hey, if you don't like me)...
  • Within 14 days of your purchase, we will issue you a full refund. 
  • After 14 days, we will work with you until you get the results you want.
(In 2024, this program will be application only and double in price - no bullshit)


  • Maximum of 6 students
  • One scholarship available (by application)
  • Starts Monday, September 18 (7 pm eastern)
  • Deposit??


What's included

  • 18 Hours Of Small Group Sessions ($800)
  •   6 Hours of One-on One Coaching ($1,200)
  •       Audio & Video ?????? ($800)
  •      WhatsApp Office Hours ($200)
  • Student Showcase
  • Exclusive Private Group & Alumni Discounts


  •   the course

  •   The Guarantee

  •   Contact Us

  •   What's Grit?





size of class




i will give you contact information

no connection to FB...

so what, now what

be exrteme, throw stones

- they. - part of the problem, pisses me off

not a non profit

If you want this benfit, then do this

RED -- > earn/learn ---> blue --> proof?

Hook, Story, Offe