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I want you to know...

1. You have these kinds of stories inside of you. I promise you do. 

Personal narrative stories are, in essence, about change - about how you change. We can make a safe assumption that you have changed and thus have stories, probably many stories, ones that matter, ones that you may want to explore, craft and ultimately share with the world.

2. The world very much wants - even needs - to hear these stories. They really do.

So many people are quite literally dying to be heard - and dying to hear others stories. The real challenge is figuring out which stories you may want to explore and how to best go about crafting and telling them. No worries, we've got your back.

3. You probably never learned how to craft these kinds of stories. It’s ok, most haven’t.

Most of us learn a whole lot of things in school, but very few learn this sacred craft. And it's hard to figure this stuff out on your own. All good, that's why we're here. 

4. Your stories (and these skills) can be applied in almost every area of your life.

We have worked with many people who regularly complete in story slams (or want to), but most do not. What they want is to learn or improve their ability to explore some aspects of their lives and shape them into compelling and relatable stories - that matter. And tell them at a dinner party, a conference, a presentation, a sales call, a podcast or wherever else.

Core Story Workshop

Grit’s Core Personal Story workshop is designed to help honest people craft and tell compelling, relatable and memorable personal stories - that matter. Our methodology and framework allows participants to find the heart of their story (or stories), spend time exploring and applying core craft components and practice telling it in a super supportive space. 

Thank you, Sean. It was such an extraordinary experience. I can't wait to craft and tell more core stories! 

Shelley C

Sean has a critical eye, and is able to hone in on the heart of a story. He has made me a much better storyteller, and I always value his feedback.

Richard M

Thanks for helping us find the heart of our stories and craft the core. It was such a pleasure working with you.

April M

Sean seems to know the secret to bring out the truth of each person's story with encouragement, compassion and  pertinent questioning.

Linda D

One-on-One Coaching

Let Grit's personal narrative story coaches help you craft and tell your story - or stories - so people and audiences of all kinds put their phones down, actually listen and walk away changed. If you prefer we do most of the heavy lifting for you, that's also an option. Please reach out to get the conversation started.

DALE's Story 

Dale is from California and now lives in Mexico. Before working together he had never crafted a personal narrative story. After some honest conversations, we were able to find the heart of his story, which centered on his father's ongoing abuse and how Dale was ultimately able to fight back. We applied and re-applied the core components so Dale could ultimately tell his story in front of a live audience (of both expats and locals).

Paul lives in North Carolina. He had taken a few storytelling workshops before our paths crossed but wanted to "up his game." After a long conversation about some stories he was considering, he decided to start with a story about his near suicide attempt. After working together, Paul was able to craft and tell this story at a story slam (he won!) and regularly tells it for his work, which includes mentoring troubled teens.


Do you customize workshops?

While the the core of the Core workshops remains the same, we customize in effort to meet our participants' needs - group size, level, space etc.

Are workshops in-person or online?

Both! And we can likely work out a hybrid format for you if that works best.

Do you teach (or feature) other kinds of stories?

Grit works with and features personal narrative stories. Sean also has a podcast called Suicide Noted, where he has candid conversations with suicide attempt survivors.

How else do you work with people?

In addition to Core workshops, we also work with clients one-one-one and present on stages.

Can I pitch a story for the podcast?

With our podcast on hold, we are not accepting pitches. That said, you can join us at one of our virtual events or take one of our workshops if you'd like to tell a story!

What's the next step?

Contact us to learn more, ask a question, schedule a time to talk or whatever else is on your mind.

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